Following Jesus in The Workplace

What Does It Look Like to Be a Follower/Disciple Of Jesus in the Workplace?

Let us begin with a few questions to get your mind thinking.

These are a series of questions I’ve thought about a lot since becoming a Follower/Disciple of Jesus.

Question #1:

Ever thought about, as a Follower/Disciple of Jesus, what is your purpose for being here on this earth? Honestly, what is your Reason/Purpose for being here?

Is your purpose to go to a church service once, twice, three times a week? Put a few dollars in the offering plate? Give a few dollars here and there to different worthy causes? Try to treat people right? Don’t mess up too much? Try to live a “Good Life” as you best define what that is?

As long you’re doing those things then is the rest of your life yours to do with as you please? Go after what you want? A nice job? A nice house? Nice things/toys? Have a nice sized bank account? To live a comfortable life?

Is that what life is about? This is something I wrestled with a lot and for many years.

Question #2: (Is really a series of three Questions)

Question: Which is better for you? To be in Heaven with God or to be on Earth?

1. Going to guess you’re thinking to yourself — Well, heaven of course

2. Yeah, I believe so also.

Question: Does God Love You?

1. Going to take another guess at what you’re thinking. Yes! — God loves me.

2. I believe the same thing also.

Question: Is God always Good and Does God always do Good?

1. You’re probably thinking the answer to that is also “Yes!”

2. Might even be thinking what kind of an idiot are you Brad asking these ridiculous questions.

The Problem With These Answers are …

If God is always Good and God always does Good?

And … If God loves you

And … If it’s better for you to be in Heaven with God then here on this earth with all its problems and pain and suffering

Then why, when you’re being baptized, doesn’t God tell them just to hold you under the water until you drown and then you get an immediate promotion to heaven? Where it’s better for you than it is here on earth.


Before you laugh and say that’s silly — think about it!

Heaven is better than earth for you — as a Disciple of Jesus

God loves you and He knows that also.

Then why are you still here? Is He punishing you for awhile before He lets you get to Heaven?

OR …

Could the answer be … That you are still here on this earth for a Reason.

That God wants you to stay here for a time for a Reason/Purpose?

If that’s true, then shouldn’t you be doing all you can to find out exactly what is that reason/purpose. And then to make sure you’re fulfilling that reason/purpose.

Consider This Possible Explanation:

What is Your Purpose for Still Being Here on This Earth? To Glorify God — Not Yourself (Hate to break it to you. It’s not to glorify yourself) — But to Glorify God (1 Corinthians 10:31)

How Does That Happen? God has told us how this happens:

By there being people from every group of people in the world around the Throne in Heaven worshipping God for ever and ever (Revelation 7:9–10)

How Does That Happen?

By God’s Name being worshipped from the rising to the setting of the sun by people from every group of people on earth (Malachi 1:11)

How Does That Happen?

By the Kingdom of God advancing into every group of people in the world and the gates of hell can’t stop this advance (Matthew 16:18)

How Does That Happen?

By Disciples of Jesus making more Disciples of Jesus who then make more Disciples of Jesus and this happening within every group of people in the world (Matthew 28:18–20)

How Does That Happen?

By God’s Ambassadors (Follower/Disciples of Jesus) being Obedient to the King and doing what He has told us to do. Which is we are to be … Telling the world that God is reconciling the world to Himself through Jesus Christ. (2 Corinthians 5:17–20)

How Does That Happens?

By His Ambassadors (Us): Denying Ourselves — Taking Up Our Crosses Daily — And Following Him (Luke 9:23)

Let’s Review This in Reverse Order:

Let’s start with the last step and work backward to the first step.

Step #1: Followers of Jesus are to: Deny Themselves — Take Up Their Crosses Daily — Follow Him

Step #2: As they do so they serve as His Ambassadors to take God’s Message to People Everywhere

Step #3: Which results in reproducing Disciples being made in every group of people in the world

Step #4: Which results in the Kingdom of God advancing into every group of people in the world

Step #5: Which results in God’s Name being worshipped from the rising to the setting of sun by people from every group of people in world

Step #6: Which results in people from every group of people in the world around the Throne in Heaven worshipping God for ever and ever

Step #7: What Does All This Result In? God being Glorified!!!

Think About It:

As a Follower/Disciple of Jesus, could this be why you are still here on this earth and not in heaven. Because God wants you to do your job as His Ambassador to spread The Message in order to make His Name great among every group of people in the world. That includes at your place of work.

Now I don’t know about you, but that sounds exciting to me. For the God Who created everything out of nothing to allow me to be part of His master plan for making His Name great in all the world. Wow! What a privilege!!! Don’t you think?

The standard for a follower of Jesus appears to be a 100% sold-out committed Disciple Making Ambassadors of the King (DMAKs we call them).

Let’s Bring It All Together Into Actionable Steps For You:

Look at how you live your life now. You may have gone through this exercise before but I want you to look at it now based on what we’ve been talking about.

Look at your Planner. Your Calendar

Look at your Checkbook. Your Bank Account. Credit/Debit Card Transaction History

Look at What Consumes the Majority of Your Thoughts

Look at your Social Media Posts

Time, Money, Thoughts, and Social Media Post are the four areas I want you to honestly evaluate yourself.

If some person who had lived on a deserted island for 50 years dropped into your life, had no concept of what we’re talking about, and looked at your planner/calendar, your checkbook/bank account, your Credit/Debit card transaction history, your social media accounts, and your thought history …

Would they conclude based on those that your primary purpose, your primary reason for being here, is serving as an ambassador of Jesus — Your King? Or would they conclude your primary purpose/reason for being here is serving yourself?

Understand that if we, the Church, do not:

Feed the hungry

Provide clothes for those who are without

Help the poor

Provide medical/dental services to those in need

Care for the orphans and widows,

And educate children

Do you realize if we, the church, do not do these things that there are other people and organizations that will do them. In fact they are doing it now.

But if we, the Church, do not do our assigned job as God’s ambassadors and share The Message He has given us to share — there is no other person, no other organization that is going take up the slack of our failure and do the job for us.

Have you ever thought about that?

Serving as God’s Ambassadors to Take His message that He is reconciling the world to Himself through Jesus. So that HIs Name is made great among the nations and He is glorified …

This is our responsibility and no one else’s.

We should NOT Be About “Living for The Now”. But We should Be About “Living NOW … FOR Eternity”.

Did you catch the difference?

We are NOT About “Living for The Now”. We are About living “NOW … FOR Eternity”.

That’s a very different mindset and approach to how we daily live our life. How we operate at our workplace. Where we live. Where we play.

Let Us Be About Doing Our Job!!! (Including at our place of work)

Go out and do your job as an Ambassador of the King in every area of your life.



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